Exploring issues of sustainability and innovation - Delia Bradshaw

DeliaOpeningSessionDayOne.jpg Hugh opened the conference, followed by Delia who introduced the concept of professional conversations. She started by asking the audience to reflect on the meaning of the acronym ACFE. Some of the suggestions were funding, paperwork, compliance, etc... She then rearranged the letters to form the word CAFE which led to the word conversations.

acfeCafe.jpg This was followed by a digital story.The audience was then encouraged to nominate any themes they saw emerging from the digital story. Delia introduced her presentation with a reference to the world cafe, and its principles. She encouraged us to think about the following aspects of professional conversations:
  • creating the right conditions
  • planning for participation and
  • reflection for action

Delia encouraged delegates to be active participants in the conversations and to take at least one idea from a conversation and put that into practice. Delegates were invited to bring their ideas to an after party at Coonara Community House to reflect on developments as a result of their particpation in the conversations. Our responsibility was to "shape the future through conversations that matter".

Here's a copy of Delia's opening presentation:

Listen to Delia opening the conference here:

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Here you can view Delia's opening video

Delia used this digital story to open the conference. Images and music to inspire conversation and "future-shaping".